Presentation of first issue

Presentación primer número
The first issue of Zéjel: Art, Literature and Thought Magazine, is now a reality. Just a few days ago we got our hands on the volume fresh off the press, and we can hardly resist sharing it with you. For that reason, we’ve organized the presentation of the first issue in the small Sevillano palace, Casa de las Sirenas (House of the Mermaids,) situated in the heart of the beautiful Alameda de Hércules neighborhood of Seville.
The date chosen for the presentation is Thursday, September 29. At the event, you will not only be able to purchase a physical copy of the magazine, but also experience a special opportunity to meet the diverse authors that have published in the issue and will recite some of their creations live. What’s more, one of the original translations of Donald Hall‘s poetry will be recited, and the selected photograph by artist Adrián del Campo from the «Visual Arts» section of the issue will be presented. We would love to have you at what will be the first public act of the magazine.
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